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Movierulz and TamilRockers both are movie downloading websites. Also, Tamil rocker is a very famous website that is not used today. On the other hand movie rules is the website running today efficiently. In this article, we will tell you about the various movie downloading sites that are safe and easy to use, so let’s get started. Movierulz TamilRockers Movie Download.

Movierulz Tamilrockers movie download.
Table of contents
Not Use Pirated movies downloading website
Pros of downloading movies from Movierulz
Cons of movie downloading website
Alternatives to watching or downloading movies online other than Movierulz
Is watching or downloading movies on the OTT platform free?
Are we have to every time download the movies from the OTT platforms?

Why do you have to not use pirated websites (Movierulz & Tamilrockers) for movie downloading?

Pirated movies are the movies that are illegal in India and these movies are available free of cost on such type of movie downloading websites. So the Government of India tries to curb these illegal activities. And now we see that there are various other types of platforms are available such as the OTT platform and other online Apps and various other free and easy to use methods.

According to the Indian government movies, the pirated act is prevalent, and if any person is found to download the illegal movies. Then the government should take strict action against that person.

So as an Indian citizens it is our responsibility not to be busy in such types of illegal activities so in this article, we get some free platforms which we can use on our desktop laptops mobile phones and the Apple gadgets.

What are the Pros of downloading movies from Movierulz types of websites?

  • Download as many movies as you want from websites such as Tamilrockers, Movierulz, and Pirate Bay and there are lots of websites that provide the content free of cost.
  • Use this content on your mobile phone, laptop, mac, and windows.
  • Get the new release movies.
  • Movies dubbed in regional languages so you can watch movies without any problem.
  • High in demand and the online resources are limited. Movierulz TamilRockers Movie Download.

What are the cons of movie downloading website (Tamilrockers)?

  • According to the Indian Government downloading movies from these websites is an illegal activity.
  • If by any chance you are caught by the Indian Government then the heavy fine is to be paid.
  • Sometimes the downloading movie is not the same movie as shown in a thumbnail.
  • You get confused about which movie to download because there are lots of stuff available.
  • Need fast internet downloading speed.
  • Slow speed internet may take hours of time to download movies from these websites.

What are the alternatives to watching or downloading movies online other than Movierulz?

There are lots of alternatives are available in today’s online world such as Netflix, Hotstar, MX Player, and Amazon Prime. In addition to that, there are many OTT platforms are available where you can online watch and download your favorite movies.

Also, there is live streaming as are available that are play the movies on your Smart TV and on your smart mobile phone. The only thing you need is a good speed internet connection and a good mobile phone.

Is watching or downloading movies on the OTT platform free?

The simple answer is no. You have to pay some monthly fees, quarterly fees, or Annual fees according to your convenience. And you will get premium content from the OTT platforms that you can watch without any problem. But if you are not interested to pay fees then you can use their free plan as well.

But in the free plan, you will not get the premium content free. You will get the content only for demo purposes. But from time to time they can change their demo movies and web series. So that you can easily watch with time. So on concluding this question the simple answer is you have to pay a very reasonable amount to watch the premium movies or the web series on the OTT platforms.

Are we have to every time download the movies from the OTT platforms?

No, you are not bound to download the movies every time from the OTT platforms. You have the option to download, watch later, and also online streaming. My advice here is that you can online stream the movie.

Only if you have a good internet connection. Also, you have the option to pause the video at any time. And you can watch it later from where you can pause. So there are lots of facilities available on the OTT platforms which you can use in your day-to-day life and you will get better results.

Is there any way that we can hack OTT platforms?

No-till today there is not any way that you can hack the OTT platforms. But there is another alternative present such that you can purchase the OTT platforms at low monthly fees. By using the group buy.

Yes, you hear it right group buy is also available on OTT platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. If you have a group of 4 to 5 people then you can share the amount of the monthly fees of the OTT platforms. So I hope that this will help you to reduce your monthly cost. And you can enjoy all the premium features and the premium web series of all the premium movies that are available on the OTT platforms.


The conclusion of the article is that you have various alternatives to watching or downloading movies from the online world. But in recent times the online resources are limited. So the people are biased against the moving downloading website such as TamilRockers, Movierulz, and pirate bay.

But in today’s online world there are lots of options that you can download, watch, and Online stream the movies. So by concluding this article I hope you will get a better idea that how you can use the OTT platforms. And the other services that are offered from time to time on this platform for free as well as paid. I hope you like the article. This concludes about the topic Movierulz TamilRockers Movie Download.

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