Learn about non-surgical hair loss solutions USA 2022

Learn about non-surgical hair loss solutions. (USA 2022)

Non-surgical hair loss solutions. Hair loss problem is common among people. Many factors are responsible for hair loss, such as heredity, environmental conditions, diet, and age. The primary factor among people is stress. Yes, stress is the primary cause of hair loss as the working environment is stressful so that the hair or eyes problems are starting in the people. But don’t worry, there are various types of no surgical solutions by which you can save your hair and protect them from losing in the future.

Learn about non-surgical hair loss solutions USA 2022

Some companies or products promise that they can recover your lost hair. But the reality is that you can only protect your hair from falling. And there is no such medicine or method that can heal your lost hair. But if your hair fall is in starting period, then the medication or supplements can stop your hair loss problem. In addition to that, there are non-surgical solutions that can protect your hair, and your new hair starts growing.


This guide will learn about the various non-surgical solutions to hair loss. In addition to that, we answer some of the queries related to hair loss. Also, we provide you with a list of supplements that are essential in reducing hair fall. So let’s get started.

There are various non-surgical hair loss solutions are available, which are as follows:

Wigs or Toupees

One of the traditional and widely used solutions is wigs or toupees. This artificial hair replacement system is the easy favorite of most people who lose hair. These wigs are made up of a polyurethane base that quickly sets on your head without any problem. Once it is placed on your head now, you can full day enjoy yourself with your hair on your head.

Advantages of the wigs or toupees

As we know, these wigs cost starts from $20. But you have to replace the wigs after one month or two. It depends upon the quality of the wig. So our advice is to purchase the wigs that are around $50. Also, it has become convenient to use these wigs without any problem. You have to remember the size of your head, and the rest of the things are available online. You may protect your head from surgery or another type of operation by using this simple wig on your head.

Disadvantages of the wigs or toupees

They are costly as you change your wig every month. In addition to that, if you bought a wig at a low price, you may face problems like poor quality of hair. And after the use of sometimes the hairs are lost from the wig. You cannot use the same wig for a long time; as time passes wig start to lose the hair and shine. It means it is time to replace your old wig with a new one.

Non-surgical hair loss solutions

Scalp Micro pigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation is the method in which small dots of black color are made on your head. These dots are made on that area where baldness appears. It is also a method of non-surgical hair loss. You have to consult a hair loss specialist and ask for scalp micro-pigmentation. The cost of scalp micro pigmentation is around $300 to $600. You have to find a professional and experts in this field.

That method is convenient for you as it takes around half an hour to one hour per session. In addition to that, you don’t have to maintain. One session will last for approximately three to six months. The drawback of this method is that it gives an unnatural look to your head as the dots appear on your head and look unnatural. In addition to that, it is essentially a tattoo on your head, and it lasts for only three to six months.

FDA approved Medications

There are FDA-approved medications that you can use for hair loss, and these medications help reduce or stop hair fall. Now we discuss some of the medicines, which are as follows:

Finasteride Tablets

These tablets help reduce or stop hair loss in men. These tablets are made mainly for men, and they are used primarily to reduce or block DHT formation (Dihydrotestrone). DHT is mainly responsible for hair loss. And Finasteride tablets are continuously used to stop hair loss in men. You have to use for regular two months these tablets for the results may occur. In addition to that, you have to consult hair loss experts for better development.


Minoxidil comes in the form of liquid or foam shape. And you have to apply it to the affected area of your head. You have to use the minoxidil for regular two months for the best result. As the top of the hair loss is the time taking process. Mainly the effects occur in two to three months of use.

Folifort Hair Growth

Folifort hair growth is a medicine that is used continuously for six months to get a better result. It is made up of natural ingredients like Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin B 5, Horsetail, Nettle root, and many more. In addition to that, you can get 60 days money-back guarantee. 

If you don’t get any results within 60 days, you can return the empty bottle and get your money refunded.

PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma)

Platelets Rich Plasma therapy is a therapy that controls or regenerates new hair in your affected hair loss area. In this method, plasma is taken from your body, and the same plasma is transferred to your scalp. And this plasma activates the part of the regeneration of the new hair in your scalp. That thing of taking and moving plasma is repeated in six to seven sessions. And every session has a cost of around $300 to $900. It is an expensive method of hair loss treatment.

You will see the result of this method when you have done all your sessions. It is a very effective method in hair loss treatment. Millions of people are getting their hair back by using this technique. The only drawback of this technique is that you will have to pay more for better results.

Non-surgical hair loss solutions

Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

In this technique, helmets are made with LED lights around them. And these LED lights create cellular energy around your head, known as ATP. And these ATP’s are responsible for the growth of hair. By LLLT therapy, you can see the development of your new hair. In addition to that, it helps stop the continuous fall of your hair. The cost of each LLLT helmet is around $400 to $600. You have to wear this helmet as prescribed by the doctors or the hair loss experts.


Hair is made up of a particular type of protein. So you have to increase the intake of protein in your body. Omega 3, omega 6, and protein-rich diet help in the healthy growth of your hair. You can eat almonds, cashews, walnuts, fish, chicken, eggs, and cod liver oil capsules for dietary purposes, milk, and red meat. In addition to that, you can contact the dietician and make your diet chart. In your diet chart, he can suggest foods rich in proteins and vitamins that are good for your hair. You have to keep the one thing in mind that when you are on a protein-rich diet, you have to drink more water to consume the protein in your body effectively.

Topical Solutions for hair loss

Various types of shampoos, sprays, and foams are available in the market that can control hair loss. But you have to remember that topical solutions to hair loss can only help protect your hair from falling. And they do not regenerate your new hair. In addition to that, you can use pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil, and mustard oil for your hairs to look shiny and healthy.


There are various types of supplements available in the market. These supplements promise they can help to grow your hair. If your hair loss and hair falling is in the initial stage, then these supplements are helpful for you—some of the chances that your hair grows in your baldness area. In addition to that, they can control your hair falling.

Precautionary hair care

Precautionary hair care is also very helpful in controlling hair fall. If you have lost hair in your initial days, then the following hair care measures are beneficial to you.

Lightly brush or comb hair.

When you brush your hair or comb your hair, make sure to touch the hair lightly. If you brush hard, then there are high chances of losing hair. In addition to that, if you can brush wet hair, then there are high chances of losing the hair. So after bath, wait for some time that hair can dry. Dry hair is easy to comb, and dry hair reduces the chances of hair loss.

Avoid hot tools

You have to avoid hot tools on your hair like hair straighteners, hot rollers, and curling irons. If you have no time and have to be ready within minutes, you can use hot tools. But if you regularly use these tools, there are high chances that your hair starts falling in the future as these hot tools die, the hair cells when you are using the hot tools for a long time. So the advice here is to remain to stay away from these types of hot tools.


You have to use a silk pillow for sleep. If you are using a cotton pillow, there are high chances of hair falling over the pillow. The friction over the cotton, the pillow is more, and sometimes your hair is tugged between your head and pillow. And when you turn, then your hair may fall. So it is advisable here to use the silk pillow to protect your hair.


You can choose the shampoo, which is specially designed for thinning hair as the thinning hair shampoo helps your hair to become stronger. And after some use of that shampoo, your will see your hair is less fallen. In addition to that, particular types of shampoos are available for hair, but they are more costly than regular shampoo. And now it is your choice to purchase these shampoos to better your hair.

Hair Styling

Hairstyling has been more popular since the prehistoric period as it gives women an excellent and professional look. But you have to avoid a tight hairstyle as the tight hairstyling pulls your hair from the scalp. And if they remain in that position for a long time, then there are high chances that they may fall. So you can keep your hairstyle simple and easy that can let your hair be free.

Hydrated hair

You can hydrate your hair with some types of deep conditioners and natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, or castor oil. Once a week, you have to hydrate your hair with these types of fats. The hydration of the scalp is suitable for your hair stringing and good for your eyes. While hydrating your hair with oil, you have to do a gentle massage with your fingers on your head. This technique also relaxes your mind, and your mood will get refreshed.

Now we discuss some of the critical questions that are related to hair loss which are as follow:

How can I regrow my hair without surgery?

You can regrow your hair without surgery with the following methods, which are as follows:

  1. PRP (Platelet-rich plasma therapy)
  2. LLLT (Low-Level Light Therapy)
  3. Scalp Micropigmentation
  4. FDA Approved Medications
  5. DIET
  6. Supplements

You can consider these methods to get non-surgical hair solutions.

Are there any existing hair loss solutions?

There are two drugs as specified by the FDA-approved medication for hair loss. Such as minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia). Minoxidil is a foam shape or liquid that you have to apply to your hair loss-affected area. And the finasteride is the capsules that you have to eat. But finasteride is made only for males as finasteride controls the making of DHT in males. 

How much is non-surgical hair restoration?

Non-surgical hair restoration costs you around $1000 to $2500. In addition to that, cheap non-surgical solutions are also available in the market. Like PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma therapy), it costs you around $300 to $600 per session. And you can get at least six sessions for better results. 

Can the hair be regrown on the bald spot?

Yes, it is possible to regrow hair on your bald spot. There are various types of non-surgical methods available. You have to try one by one these methods. You have to remember that growing hair is a time-consuming process, and it also requires your time and money. So you have to keep patience while trying these methods for your beautiful hair. 

Can female hair thinning be reversed?

Female hair thinning is not reversible. But some methods or techniques are available that can stop female hair loss. These methods are costly, and they require around 12 months to three years in the case of females. So if the female is taking any of the non-surgical hair solutions, she has to be patient to see the optimum results in his hair growing. 

Can you start balding at the age of 21?

Yes, you can start balding at the age of 21. Various factors are responsible for baldness at an early age, such as environmental factors, poor diet, not taking care of your hair. But among all the problems, heredity is the most common problem. If your hair is lost due to heredity problems, fewer chances to stop this process. But there are medications and other related non-surgical solutions that can slow the operation of your hair loss. 


The article concludes that various non-surgical solutions can save your scalp from surgery. These are the methods such as micro scalp pigmentation, PRP (platelets rich plasma therapy), supplements, protein-rich diet, and any types of medication. You have to consult your hair loss specialist before starting hair loss treatment. In addition to that, you can go for wigs or hairpieces, which is the traditional, cheap and easy way to get back the hairs on your scalp. I hope you like the article. 

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