Learn ways to lower Student loan interest rate USA 2021

Learn new ways to lower Student loan interest rate (USA 2022)

A student loan is the most common loan in America. The majority of students have taken a student loan to complete their studies. You will get a loan from the federal government or private lenders. The interest rate of the federal government is lower as compared to private lenders. The federal government announces compensation or rebate on your student loan from time to time. But you don’t have the option of lowering the interest rate on a student loan if the lender is the federal government.


In the case of a private lender, you have the option to lower your interest rate by following the points we will mention in this article. You have to follow proper guidelines while lowering your interest rate. So let’s get started.

Learn ways to lower Student loan interest rate USA 2021


Ways to lower your student loan rate of interest.


We will discuss the different ways by which you can lower interest rate, which is as follows:


Pay more each month


One of the best options is to pay more each month than your EMI (Equated monthly installment). As you pay more than your principal amount is lower each month with more speed. And in some coming months, your principal is lowered, and the interest rate is also reduced on the lower principal. So you have to save some money on your loan by saving your interest loan on the principal amount.


Choose a shorter repayment period.


While you apply for a new student loan, you can choose your loan term. Suppose you select a shorter period of your payment. Your loan gets paid off in a shorter period, and you have to save some money on the interest rate. Then you can save money on your interest rate. 


On the other hand, if you take a long repayment period. Then no doubt your EMI is lower, but you will pay more interest on your loan. So the smart move is that you have to try for a shorter repayment period. By doing this practice, you save a lot of money on your loan amount. 


Avoid alternative payment plans.


You have to avoid an alternative payment plan. It means if you think you pay your current month EMI by using your credit card. Then you will have to pay two EMI’s in the next month, which is not easy for payment. In addition to that, if you default on your credit card, then you pay a high-interest rate on your credit card.


Strong credit history


If you have a strong credit history, then there are high chances you will get a lower interest rate on loan. In addition to that, you will select the bank which offers you a lower interest rate. Various banks provide you with different types of interest rates based on your credit history. You have to research which bank offers you a lower interest rate, whether online or offline.


Cosigner loan


Suppose you have a poor credit history. Then there are high chances that the banks won’t improve your loan. In that case, you have the option to add a cosigner to your loan. A cosigner may be your relative, friend, parents, or siblings. If the Cosigner has a strong credit history, then you will get the loan. 


You have to remember one thing that adding a cosigner is accessible in a loan. But some responsibilities also come on Cosigner. Suppose if you cannot give your prepayments, then the Cosigner is responsible for your EMI’s. If Cosigner is not showing your EMI’s and he defaults, then the credit history of both of you get affected. 


Refinance your student loan


The best option is that you will refinance your student loan. You will only refinance if you take a student loan from private lenders. On the other hand, there is no refinancing if you take a loan from the federal government. 


Refinancing is financing a new loan with a lower interest rate and a change in the loan term. A new loan lender will pay off your old student loan. And now you have to pay EMI your new loan. There is no limit on what number times you were refinancing your loan.. In addition to that, there are no fees of refinancing on your student loan. 


Automate your payment


Some private lenders offer you a reduction in interest rate when you automate the payment. They provide from 0.25 to 0.50 percent reduction on a student loan. Automated payment means every month, the EMI of your loan is deducted from your bank account. So you have to choose the lender which offers you the same. 


Negotiate with your lender


Negotiate with your lender while you apply for the new student loan. Then the lender offers you a lower interest rate if possible. But try to negotiate and not be shy, as a small conversation saves you lots of dollars on your loan. 


Boost your credit score


You have to boost your credit score by paying credit cards bills two times a month. And also, make timely payments on your current loan. Take small consumer loans and spend them wisely. These small steps boost your credit score, and you will get better interest rate options on your new loan. 


Debt Avalanche method


The debt avalanche method is the method to pay your loan and live your life happily. That is how you have to pay off your loan with a higher interest rate first. Then move towards the loans which have a lower rate of interest. If you continuously follow this process, then one day, you will pay off your whole loan. Millions of people get benefit from this method.




The article concludes that there are lots of methods to lower your interest rate on a student loan. As mentioned earlier in this article, you have various options like refinancing, debt avalanche method, paying more each month, and many others. You have to do some market research on your new loan to get a lower interest rate. If you follow the ways we mentioned above, then there are high chances you will lower your interest rate on a student loan. I hope you like the article. 



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