Learn about V.A. Home Loan Limits Massachusetts USA 2021

Learn about V.A. Home Loan Limits Massachusetts (USA 2022)

If someone decides to V.A. Home Loan Limits Massachusetts, then it requires enormous finance. Your dream to buy a house is possible with a home loan under V.A. The case of a home loan under V.A. does not require a down payment. The average cost of a house in Massachusetts is around $979,848 but do not worry. You don’t have to pay any down payment and no insurance.

Learn about V.A. Home Loan Limits Massachusetts USA 2021

V.A. Home Loan Limits

Private lenders provide V.A. home loans, and the Department of Veteran Affairs guarantees these loans. You have to find a lender licensed in a state to purchase or refinance.

V.A. loan limits

As of 1 January 2021, loan holders in Massachusetts who have full V.A. loan entitlements are not restricted to V.A. Loan limits. It means that you can borrow as much amount as tell by the lender without any down payment. You have to find a lender that will give you the best home loan as much as possible. The interest rates of V.A. home loans are also desirable as compared to other loans.

However, veterans without their full V.A. loan entitlements are still bound to Massachusetts VA loan limits.

Massachusetts VA Loan Limits by County


Loan Limit















All other areas


 V.A. Home Loan Limits

Property taxes in Massachusetts

VA buyers should also consider the property tax in Massachusetts. But if you come under the following one condition, then you are exempt from tax.

  • A disabled veteran may get exemption from the tax if he follows all the requirements as follows:
  1. One must be disabled at least 10 per cent.
  2. If he lives in Massachusetts for six months before enlisting
  3. If the borrower lived in the State for five years.
  • An exemption amount of $400 may be received if the veteran is 10 per cent or more disabled, a Purple Heart recipient or a Gold Star parent.
  • An exemption amount of $750 may be received if the veteran lost the use of one hand, one foot, or one eye.
  • $1,250 may be received. If the veteran lost the use of both hands, both feet or a combination of the two. if the veteran is blind in both eyes as a result of service
  • A veteran may receive a $1,500 exemption if a veteran is 100 per cent disabled due to service.

Suppose one should require to pay the property tax in Massachusetts. Then according to the American Community Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, the following rates are applicable.


Property tax rate

Barnstable County


Berkshire County


Bristol County


Dukes County


Essex County


Franklin County


Hampden County


Hampshire County


Middlesex County


Nantucket County


Norfolk County


Plymouth County


Suffolk County


Worcester County


Benefits of V.A. home loan

No down payment

There is no down payment in the V.A. home loan. Borrowers get the advantage of this feature. To attract more borrowers to buy their homes. Government wave off the down payment in most cases. In a V.A. home loan case, you can get 100% finance.

No mortgage insurance

There is No need to pay insurance when getting a V.A. home loan. Suppose the borrower wants to get a loan other than the V.A. home loan. Then he should have to pay the Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), which is almost 20 percent of the total loan amount. This PMI pays the EMI (equated monthly installments) if the borrower defaults on the loan. This PMI fee is zero in the case of V.A. home loans.

V.A. home loan limits

Government guarantee

The federal government guarantees these V.A. home loans. In case the borrower gets defaults for any reason. Then the Government pay the loan EMI for the hard time. This unique feature makes V.A. home loans more attractive for the army reserves.

Not allow prepayment penalty

If the borrower wants to sell his home during the running loan, the Government gave him that opportunity. He can sell his home anytime without paying any prepayment penalty or any extra fees. In addition to that, if the borrower wants to spend some advance amount other than loan EMI. Then, this can also be possible under a V.A. home loan. Pay advance without any extra fees. Furthermore, there are no restrictions to refinance V.A. home loans.

Easy to qualify

There are lots of options in V.A. home loans. One should buy a house, condo, new-built home, manufactured home, duplex or other types of properties. Like all the different types of mortgages, V.A. home loans also require documents, good credit history, and monthly income to pay loan EMI regularly. Compared to other mortgages, a V.A. home loan is straightforward to qualify; the Government itself guarantees the borrower.

Closing Costs are lower

V.A. home loan closing costs are meagre as compared to other loans. The saved money is used in different home expenses such as furniture, home improvements, home shifting costs, or additional costs.

V.A. Loans are assumable

V.A. home loans are assumable. It means that borrower can transfer his loan amount to another V.A. eligible person. That is helpful when interest rates are going up in the future, and the borrower transfers the loan at the current interest rate.

 V.A. Home Loan Limits

V.A. Loan Credit Score 

VA doesn’t require any loan credit score. The loan credit score is needed by the private lender who gives you the loan. Department of veteran affairs guarantees your loan. If your credit history is good, then there are high chances of loan approval from private lenders.

V.A. loan eligibility

Before getting a V.A. home loan, you have to fulfil one of the eligibility requirements from the following:

  • You served the country for 90 days consecutively active service during wartime.
  • A veteran who served the country for 181 days, sequentially active service during peacetime.
  • You served six years as national guards or Reserves.
  • You are the spouse of a service member who died while in the line of duty or service-related disabilities.


The article concludes that V.A. home loan limits in Massachusetts, Eligibility, benefits, and private lenders. There are lots of benefits of the V.A. home loan. One of the most significant advantages of the V.A. home loan is that veterans need not pay any down payment. No need to pay mortgage insurance or PMI. When the veteran buys a home loan for a duplex, he can generate rental income by giving one apartment on rent. While calculating the veteran’s income, private lenders also consider the rental income of the veteran. In this way, the veteran should get the dual benefit from the V.A. home loan.

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