Learn ways to get VA Loan Multifamily USA 2021

[Learn] Ways to get the VA Loan (Multifamily) – May 2022


The best option while choosing for a home loan is the VA Loan Multifamily option. The benefits of VA Loan multifamily are more than the conventional home loan. This type of loan is beneficial for two purposes. It fulfills your need for a home and also helps you to set up your rental income. This article discusses how to get a VA loan multifamily, requirements, eligibility, and other necessary documents.

Learn ways to get VA Loan Multifamily USA 2021

Learn ways to get VA Loan Multifamily USA 2021

VA Loan requirements

General VA loan requirements to apply for a home loan. Property that the buyer wants to buy should not be located in a natural disaster hazardous place. The property should be free from any dangerous natural zone.

The buyer intends to buy or get the Loan on should not be near the Coastal barrier resource system. In addition to that, the property should not be a commercial property and not a residential property. One thing should be understood that the property should be Primarily Residential.

We understand the term Primarily Residential by taking an example. Suppose a person takes a VA loan for a triplex building. Then according to the Veteran Affairs, he should rent two portions of that building. And the rest of one part, he should stay in that part. Make this part his primary address after the completion of the Loan for 60 days. After 60 days, it is his wish to remain there or leave.

Buying Multifamily home with VA loan

Yes, one should buy a multifamily home with a VA loan. One should buy up to duplex to fourplex home with VA loan. One of the essential requirements while purchasing a house is Occupancy. The buyer should have to stay in one portion of the house. While the other portion, he should have the option to rent them. To earn an extra income, he is eligible to rent the other part of the building.

Advantages of Multifamily home with VA loan

The advantages of multifamily homes with VA loans are discussed one by one in detail. The buyer should not have to pay any down payment. Yes, not even a single penny. That is the most significant advantage of Multifamily homes with VA loans. The second advantage is not to pay any Mortgage Insurance. In most cases, the buyer should be free not to pay down payment or the mortgage insurance.

Steps to buying a Multifamily home with a VA loan

  • The buyer should meet the minimum service requirement. According to the VA loan policy, the buyer should have at least two years of experience in service. That is the minimum service requirement to avail VA loan.
  • Before applying for the loan, the buyer should check the Multifamily loan limits in his area. If the buyer buys the multifamily home at a lower price and the house rent is very high in that area. Then it is a win-win situation for the buyer. By considering this trick before but he should make the optimum use of the loan amount. He should be able to pay the monthly instalment quickly.
  • Buyers should know the minimum mortgage requirements. To make the loan taking process easy buyer should read the documents related to necessary mortgage requirements.

Some VA’s Loan requirements

There are requirements for the VA loan policy. Such as down payment, credit score, Income, Employment history. We discuss these requirements in detail one by one.

  • Down payment: There is no need to pay any down payment while applying for the VA multifamily home loan. Buyer not to pay any Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). The prepayment penalty is also nil in most cases.
  • Credit Score: Credit Score also plays an essential part while getting VA Loan. According to the VA loan policy, the buyer should have a minimum 500 credit score in an individual home loan. In comparison, credit score must be above 620 in the joint or co-borrower type of Loan.
  • Income: According to the VA loan policy, the user should take home loans up to 41% of his total income from all the sources. While taking VA multifamily home Loan, future rented income should also be considering. The more the income buyer should have more the Loan amount sanctioned.
  • Employment History: VA loan policy should also check for the Employment History of the buyer. The minimum requirement of employment is two years. After two years of continuous service, the buyer is eligible to apply for a home loan.
  • Cash reserve: The buyer should have a cash reserve for six months. This cash reserve should include the monthly EMI (Equated Monthly Installment), taxes, and Loan fees. Six months of expenses of loans should be in your account to get a VA home loan.
  • Past rental experience: According to VA loan policy, the user should have past rental experience. This experience is necessary to take care of building maintenance.
  • Stay for two months: After closing the loan, the buyer should remain in that building for two months. It is an essential condition which every user should fulfil.

Building requirement for VA multifamily home Loan

Some of the building requirements while availing the multifamily home loan. The building on which the buyer wants to get LoanLoan should have a water connection, sewerage, electricity connection. Every apartment should have independent access to these facilities as these are the necessary facilities that living is not possible without these facilities. If the buyer wants to get more than 4 units of building or apartment, he should apply for the LoanLoan jointly with some other family members.


To avail of the VA multifamily home loan, all the points mentioned above should be. Before applying for the home loan, if the buyer fulfills the VA home loan policy’s requirement, it becomes easy for fast approvals. One of the most significant advantages of VA home loans is getting extra rent income with house ownership. Get dual benefit of the home loan by apply under VA multifamily home loan.

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