Warren Zevon got Mesothelioma (Cancer) USA 2021

[Updated] Warren Zevon got Mesothelioma (Cancer) – May 2022


Warren Zevon was born in 1947. He is famously known for his Rock Singing. His favorite albums are Sardonic wit and dark-humored songs.

Warren Zevon got Mesothelioma (Cancer) USA 2021


Family History of  Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon is the son of a Russian-Jewish Gangster. He is very fond of music since his childhood, and his interest in music one day makes him a great musician. He made his first album in 1969. But this album is not much famous as this is the starting point of his career. ‘Excitable Bay’ is one of his successful albums and made him famous in months. That album was the first album that makes him successful in his career.

Achievements of  Warren Zevon

 He achieves success in his life with hard work and consistency. Also, he never feels low in his life. He enjoys all the ups and downs of life. When his life is going well, he feels little pain in his chest one day, but he ignores it. As he has a phobia of going to the doctor, but as time passes, his pain increases day by day. His team members and friends forced him to consult a doctor, so he met a professional and very famous doctor one day.

Warren got Mesothelioma

 After diagnosis, the doctor told Zevon that he was suffering from Mesothelioma, a form of cancer that is to be developed very slowly in the human body. Hearing this news on media channels all the world sad because now Zevon was a very famous personality. But he is constantly feeling confident and has a great sense of humor, and he never takes his problem seriously. When somebody asked him about Mesothelioma, he smiled and said, “Enjoy Every Sandwich.”

A mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer, and there is no treatment for this disease. The only remedy is a healthy lifestyle which can add some years to your life. As the doctors said, this problem is due to the inhale of Asbestos particles present in the air. But Zevon is not in his life come in contact with Asbestos. So the doctors assume that Zevon’s habit of prolonged smoking and drinking alcohol may be the reason for this deadly disease.

After Zevon gets to know that he is suffering from his disease. He is taking his work more seriously, and he enjoys his work late at night. Before the two weeks of his death, he can release his album ‘The Wind.’ That is the album that will enhance success after his death. After his death, ‘The wind’ made it possible to win about five Grammy awards and was certified by gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Death of Warren Zevon

 Warren Zevon passed away in September 2003 at the age of 56. We know that he is dead due to the deadly disease as the small exposure to Asbestos may lead a person’s life. When Zevon died, Zevon left his two children and two grandchildren. The world will miss him as he becomes an outstanding personality in his work. Zevon makes many with ‘lattermen’ one of the shows of America.

Jordan, one of his sons, has made him alive by learning music and singing. He is also a great personality as his father was. He is doing hard work to become a successful musician. Jordan also serves as the national spokesperson for the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization. Also Jordan dreams that he can make people aware of Mesothelioma disease so that everyone should know about it.

Jordan the son of Warren Zevon

 The jordan has now also become an attorney for the Asbestos Awareness Organization. In this organization, they help the people to get compensation from the company in which the worker works where he is exposed to asbestos material. Compensation is for the healthy lifestyle of the patient if the patient is alive. Still, if the patient is dead due to the Mesothelioma, the company is entitled to give the victim family compensation for the loss of their life. The work of Warren Zevon and his son Jordan will always remain in the heart of people and never forget by the world.


By reading this article, one should know about the ups and downs of Warren Zevon’s life. He becomes a successful musician in his life, but the deadly disease Mesothelioma may take him away from this world. The great work Warren Zevon has done in his life is never forget by this world. Death is the hard truth that may happen in everyone’s life but in a different way.

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